Sunday, August 9, 2009

My life

My ageing brain was busy arraying the grey figures of me anchored to the deep ocean of vanity. I hate to see my life revolving around an axis of pre-defined pattern. Where all those flying-colors-gadgets promised to me during my acadamic life has vanished? This boredom of life is what I deserve after all those hefty years passed by. I am quite definite that this life of mine, is not what I wanted.

I sounded like an old Indian sage to my wife when I mentioned to her that success is not the number of sheeps a Sheperd possess whereas it is the number of sheeps that the Sheperd is able to feed. My current physical wealth does not dictate my level of success. I am not destined to make some wealth, satisfy my family needs and vanish out of this world as a white shrouded figure. Every soul on this earth is created with a purpose. It would be pathetic to notice that some of them just die with out realizing their purpose of creation.

My heart is craving hard to comprehend my purpoted existance. One of my friends hearing my rants pointed me into the direction of herd of people undergoing midlife crisis. There are undeniable physical and anatomical sypmtoms in my body blaring my transition into next stage of my life. As I peep into my daughter's world, I often get the notion that I am older than I pretend to look-like. She has abandoned her Barbie doll and picked up the activity cards. The loony figures on the television are nomore a matter of interest to her. I realize that my time-clock has already half-emptied the fine soil. The deposit of sand in the lower bulb of my hour-glass is appearing nothing more than a heap of soil. There is not even a single diamond glittering in it. I have miserably failed to polish any carbon into diamond.

I am merely existing in this world whereas I was sent here to live. I want to add some life to my existance. I am searching for the answers in my journey.

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