Saturday, August 15, 2009


I was tagged by Shruti and Shilpa Garg, one of my favourite bloggers. Although I thought that this one is an easy break, I was quite wrong.

Tag Rules:

  • Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the 20 questions
  • If the person before you has the same first initial, the answers need to be different
  • You cannot use same word twice
  • You cannot use your name in boy/girl's name question

1. What is your name : Mohammed Ali

2. A four Letter Word : Muse (one could frequently see me absorbed into this magical world)

3. A boy's name : Manesh Nehova (School buddy, who was good Christian)

4. A girl's name : Muppidathi (Again a school buddy, who was famous for her unique name)

5. An occupation : Money Surveyor (how deftly rephrased my profession)

6. A colour : Marigold

7. Something you wear : Muffler (a rare fashion when on the heights)

8. A food : Muffin (liked the Tiramisu flavor, lately)

9. Something found in the Bathroom : Mirror

10. A place : Madurai (from where my wife hails)

11. A reason for being late : Movie-mania (watching movies late night had toll on numerous appointments)

12. Something you shout : Man (it's actually Oh man! trimmed to suit the needs...hehe)

13. A movie title : Message in a Bottle (me a Kevin Costner fanatic)

14. Something you drink : Mango shake

15. A musical group : Metallica

16. A animal : Mule

17. A street name : Mariamman Koil Street (Chennai)

18. A type of car : Mercedes

19. A song title : Munbe Va (Tamil Song from the movie Jillendru oru kathal)

20. A verb : Mourn (over the swine flu victims)

I tag Kenz and all others who visit my page. Keep tagging..err...keep blogging :)

4 Observations:

Shilpa Garg said...

WoW! A very nicely done Tag!!
BTW, I tagged you too on this one!! :D

Musings of a lonely traveler said...

Hi Shilpa! included your name in my "got-tagged" section; glad that you liked it :)

Shruti said...

hey baai mohammed!
i know your name only from this tag!
first i must thank you for appreciating me on each and every post that is being published!!

>>peculiar gal's name indeed!!

>marigold is a flower i suppose

>>mirror-wonderful... Nice thinking!

>>Even my mom belongs to madurai!

>>Movie mania??? :D Funny response... Wish to check the face reaction of that someone who listens to this!

>>I love munbe vaa for the divine music ofARR and wonderful rendering by shreya ghosal

seems M is aeasy thing to do :P
very well done baai!

Musings of a lonely traveler said...

@ Shruti! thanks for your kind words Sister. I mentioned color of Marigold; Oh nice to hear your mom belongs to Madurai (I'll visit Madurai next month during my India trip).

Thanks a lot once again Shruti :)

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