Sunday, August 16, 2009

Marriages overrated

I was busy rolling the mouse wheel in hunt of facts and factors about Swine flu. The aroma of steaming coffee and Hugo fragrance of a female colleague did not plea my dire attention, as like any other days. A rollicking colleague of me, working in other department, was whistling for a Rihanna's hit. He has observed the advertisement slot for, flickering in the right-end of my web page.

"Yo mate! can you click on that link?" his morning snack bar was precisly touching my monitor.

I tried to veil the wrath on my face by raising the coffee mug close to my mouth. I clicked the tab and a new window popped-up like a balloon.

"Is that the site for dating Indian girls?"

"Not really, it is an Indian matrimonial site for searching brides and grooms"

"Bridles and brooms?" that far-eastern Asian guy was smirking with his words.

I was totally displeased with his assertion and not in the mood of starting a conversation to hear his dopey explanations in the morning. My mind is bemused with the deadly pandemic spread and the call to protect my dear-ones. At the same time, I could not defy my wonder for his wits.

"Aiee Mohammed! Why not you speak today?"

"Mike! What are those bridles and brooms?"
"Indian marriages unite bridle in the name of bride with man and broom in the name of groom with woman. After marriage, either the brides keep the bridles on men or the grooms become the brooms of women"

"Your words are offending me Mike. Don't you dare to debate with our customary marriages? What do you expect off a good marriage in your dictionary then?"

"Marriage is the last feat that I would like to accomplish before I see my coffin. What matters to me is relationships (note the plural lingo). Marriages should be the fruit of good relationship. As for you, marriages are like the fruits that you prefer to buy in the markets. They sour most of the times. Grow up Mohammed", he punctuated his statement with a gurgle and started gobbling his snack bar.

"Mike! Would you exuviate your skin if you don't like? Will you give up your life, that God has bestowed on you, for all your failures? Very rarely you would see you a victim and that would be your end. In the same way, we seldom give up on our relationships. A bond is made out of marriages. We mutually sacrifice for each others until our relationship reach a saturation point. Sometimes, the relationships may be on rocks, but once there is a perfect match-point of emotions, our life is heaven"

I saw the deposit of sugar at the bottom of his glass tea-cup. I fetched the cup from his hand and stirred with a spoon. I gave back the cup to him and told, "Mike! old beliefs should not be left deposited at the bottom of your heart. Stir up the same to add a new tang to your acculturated life, like this yellow tea"

Mike was glaring at me thorugh his bespectacled eyes and nibbling to the last bite of his breakfast. I found that my reply has directed the argument to nowhere. The moment was sinking with Ilayaraja's score of an old Tamil song and the words were clear,

"Ore veenai, ore raagam (Same Veena, Same rhythm)"

I asked him, "Do you understand?"

He nodded in refute and with that I told, "Even if you understand this language, you won't understand the meaning of these words. Grow up Mike"

15 Observations:

The Aspirant said...

well my frnd u hv made sum1 understand the things dat even most of our indian youngsters r forgetting.....ur words r true nd simple,but still one hs to hav a heart to understand dat......
nice blog

happy blogging

Musings of a lonely traveler said...

Hi Aspirant! thanks for visiting my blog. I respect your valuable comments. Keep smiling :)

chan said...

Thats nice one. But as aspirant says not most of Indian youngsters. I deny on that.... a few, whom i say drown into the word or world of globalisation or whom not been taught of cultural values. There are people from other countries who are keen and interested to know the customs of Indian marriages. And many of us dono or did not learn to explain them in a manner that they respect those customs. Its gr8 that u have made it clear to ur colleague.

Shruti said...

again a wonderful narration by you!
this s what i called Indian Heritage, except for the Indians, who else will know it?!
I feel proud for answer your friend like that!!

""old beliefs should not be left deposited at the bottom of your heart. Stir up the same to add a new tang to your acculturated life""

awesome lines!! maybe i ll refer this post in my next post for the society!!
ur selection of wrds is awesome..
it makes me to run in search of a dictionary most of the times!!

Den orey veenai means not the same veena...Its Ekantha veenai... The Ekantha veenai is different from others because its the veena that is normally carved out of a special tree... Sorry don't know the treee!! and orey raagam is the sound u attain from that ekandha veenai!!!!

Am sorry if i said anything wrong!!

BTW, I must say ur language is awesome!!

keep smiling!

Musings of a lonely traveler said...

@ Chan!
Thanks for stopping by my blog; I appreciate that you are one among the hoard who have great respect for Indian traditions :)

@ Shruti!
Poor me that I did not hear about this ekantha veenai and for my misinterpretation of the lyrics (reading between lines is my profession and I an erring in that). Shruti! would appreciate if you find the name of that tree. Thanks a lot for your inspiring words Shruti :)

chan said...

I hope ekantha veenai can be made from jackfruit tree (chakka maram)...

Musings of a lonely traveler said...

Wow Praveen etta! thanks for throwing some lights on ekandha veenai; remember Balachandar's teledrama, Rayil Sneham which was shown in DD back in 80s. There is a popular song in that drama;

"Intha Veenaiku theriyadhu, idhai seithavan yaar endru"

Likewise, "Intha Veenaiyai meetubavanaku theriyadhu, intha veenai ethil seithathu endru"

Thanks Praveen, once again :)

Shruti said...

jack fruit tree is the answer!!found it from my dad!!
Wood grains play an essential part in absorbing and enhancing the tone of the instrument,which is exactly why jackfruit wood is ideal for veena.
resonance is very good and ekantha veenai sound better than any other veenas!

hope i must have clarified your doubt!!

keep visiting my profile!

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

i am so glad i read this post.. hats off to your maturity of thoughts..

God bless

Musings of a lonely traveler said...

@ Shruti!
Thanks for your pain in finding the answer :)

@ Rane
Thanks a lot Kajal :)

chan said...

yeah Moma,
so u got me....
i can remember rayil sneham moma. so good comparison on ur part. thats gr8. Rayil sneham can be compared to marriages in western countries. wat is ur opinion on this.
by te way wer is ur todays blog..

pawan said...

That was a splendid post, it is a sad thing to note that a few people who do not know the value of Indian heritage are the actual culprits who are spooling it!
Good one mate!

Btw, I posted part 2 of my series, do check!

Musings of a lonely traveler said...

@ Chan!
Chan and Willis are more related to you Praveen :) I've published my new blog already

@ Pawan!
Thanks mate for your comments! Yep I'll visit your Part 2 straight away

Anonymous said...


I think Mike is cute. Can I have his number?

Indian Lady

Musings of a lonely traveler said...

Ya ya ya Indian Lady (World! this lady is the actual Mike).

Better luck next Mike :p

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