Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Can Collectors

One can see this un-uniformed worker meandering down the streets of Sharjah in all weathers of the emirate. He do not have pre-defined work time or any work culture. His business is not capital-oriented whereas it involves daily returns. He is the magician who turns trash to cash.
You can just pass-over him by giving a "kalli-walli" looks. It was hard for me to think any little of him as I always look through his shadows. In a can-collector's shadows, should be lurking, his ailing mother or his loveable wife with kids or sometimes an unmarried sister for his support. Edify me any other reason on earth that drives him to roam around the garbage canisters in these inclement weathers. The sagging ends of the black garbage bag on his cycle back would announce his poverty. The drooping stuffs are always not chershable to mind, save the branches carrying ripen fruits. It is a symbol of yielding, if not out of its wish it should be out of impuissance.
A small 12 Oz Pepsi-can crushed by the clenched fists promises him more than to anyone. The small can is the diamond that he finds in the garbage mine. It is perceivable that he would abhor the food remains and bloody tampons as like others. I often wonder what would be his state of mind while he stirs the dirty deposits. Does he thinks that the sunny days are yet to come in his life? Does he thinks that the residents should drink more carbonated drinks in lieu of all those warnings? Does he thinks that what if milk is sold in tin cans? He searches his fortune beyond the swarming flies and obnoxious stench. But he never complains.

I have tried numerous time to crack up a dialogue with these men to hear the stories behind them which urge them to prefer this "profession". Never have they given me a chance to do that as they seldom maintain their eye-contact with anyone. They are so timid and succumbed to their feeling of humiliations.
These scavangers, by sorting out the recyclable cans, minimize the loads on Municipality sorting lines and thus reduce the costs of plant. They benefit others by making their fortune. In this aspect, they are to be highly regarded than anyother white-collar employee who does not hesitate to tumble down others to secure his seat.

As Oscar Wilde says, these Can-collectors are in the gutters but they are looking at the stars.
(Pic: Illustrative purpose only; thanks to Gulf News)

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Shrimal said...

WOW!! dudee u got for a newspaper or something like inspired me to make sure i save up all the cans i drink (1 can per 3days) and then give it to 1 of these can collectors...good stuff man..seriously!!

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