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Sumathi was handed with a sleeping child.

“Take him for business. I’ve injected a dosage of sedative into him. He will not wake up for another four hours. No more troubles for you Sumathi”. Those were the words of the disrepute broker, Moorthi who runs an undercover business in the city engaging the orphaned children in begging.

Sumathi was rushing into the street.

Suddenly, someone was clamouring her name across the road. Sumathi noticed that it was Kumar, the local mason.

“Sumathi! Is that the outcome of mistake that we did before six months? Were you not taken the pills?”

“Oh! Don’t disgrace yourself. This poor soul, I have rented from that broker for half day.”

“So you gave up your regular business and got into begging?”

“Huh! Begging is better than prostitution. I believe, by begging, I bestow kindness to the hearts of those reckless mob of businessmen and merchants. It’s such a pleasure to notice a flash of generosity on their facets. The peace in their eyes, whilst pressing silver into my palms, is an immense pleasure to be predated on. I make others’ life better.”

“Pah! What a perspective on begging. Here, accept this and make me a mahatma too.”

He tossed a two rupees coin in to the air. Sumathi, extended her palm to get hold of that. She was looking for that typical peace into the eyes of Kumar, whereas there was nothing persisted other than lust. He winked momentarily. Sumathi’s inner mind was cursing his perverted existence.

The child was still lying on her shoulders without wailing. Sumathi made her odyssey all through the mob-oriented spots in the city. She has acquired the typical pleading voice of needy beggars.

“Oh Madam! My child has not eaten since yesterday. Look at him. He is unconscious because of hunger. Please lend me some money. God will make you richer”

The coins and occasional currency notes were pouring into her sari sac from all directions. The mid noon sun has reminded her end of contract period. She hurriedly finished her lunch in the corner hotel. The child is still sleeping. She noticed the lips of the child were dried like twigs. She dipped her finger into the water and moistened the lips. The lips were lifeless except for the instant gloss of water.

She bundled the child and was running towards the broker. Her heart was racing in happiness. She pecked a kiss onto the cheeks of the child. A cold touch of tender skin has brought her more joy. The child was in torpid sleep. She bought a yo-yo from the street vendor.

The broker was pressing lazily a small calculator.

“Sumathi! How was the collection today?”

“Excellent Moorthi anna. The child was sleeping whole through the morning. All went hassle-free. I’ll take him tomorrow too”

She placed the child into the raddled cradle with the yo-yo on his side. The child was still lying motionless. Sumathi bent over the child and pecked more kisses and walked away.

The broker was still pressing the calculator and writing his accounts. Little did he knew that the child would not wake up again as the dosage of Phenergen has exceeded the limit and killed the child.

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Shilpa Garg said...

I am shocked!! Though before the end...I knew the child was no more!
But still...

You have raised so many issues/thoughts in a small story!!

Damn good expression and beautiful execution!!

Loved it!! :)

pawan said...

I reminded myself to read this story after my exams but Shilpa insisted me to read it, and truly I find it very touching.

Recalling my comment for ur previous post, ur on an emotional high man, at least while writing ur stories.

Musings of a lonely traveler said...

@ Shilpa

Glad that you liked it :)

@ Pawan

Thanks for your inspiring comments Pawan....well, emotional part, I did cry whilst seeing movies like Dragonfly (climax) and reading some books.... :)

Guria said...

One simple post and so eloquent!
you touched so many sore spots at one single go... this was an amazing read! A shocker, indeed.
I must thank Pawan for showing me your blog...

Musings of a lonely traveler said...

Welcome to my blog :)

I am just making my efforts to explore human relations....posts similar to these are the mere outcome of the same.

I'm greatly inspired by your comment Guria..Keep Visiting :)

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

amazing yet simple and sad!! it did give me a few tears.. I really dont know what more to say!! everyday I see these girls begging with sleeping kids, I hope they are all not the same as what you've written..

Musings of a lonely traveler said...

Hi Rajalakshmi,
Welcome to my blog..:)

I do pray that those kids do not fall in to this fatal trap..This fiction is based on one of the articles that I came across in a Tamil Weekly (Kumudham). Hope you'll be shocked if I tell you that this's happening between us...So sad :(

Madhu | said...

Came in after reading Guria's FB wall entry.

A very touching post about a tradegy that is a commonplace on the streets of India.

You have let the story unfurl itself so well. Very good

Musings of a lonely traveler said...

Welcome to my blog; Glad that you liked it Madhu :)

lostworld said...

I recently read about a similar incident (happened in Blore), the child was a workind couple's son and the criminal was the nanny! The mother reached home early & forced a confession out of the nanny when she found her kid missing !!!

Ever since I read that, I watch kids closely .. It gives me the shivers. What sort of apathetic ppl would use kids for their benefit!

Your story was literally like visualizing the entire scenario in front of my eyes. You're a wonderful story-teller.

Musings of a lonely traveler said...

Yep! incidents like this are happening in lotsa places nowadays and as I've mentioned I came across an article in a Tamil weekly. Whoever reading that will not walk with out shedding tears for these innocent unfortunate to live among these vultures....:(

pra said...

I like the way you write the story very simple language and very touchy! Not telling the moral in words still conveying it to the hearts of the reader!

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