Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The boy

The nimbus clouds were hanging over Nagercoil shading the mid noon into a moment of twilight. The humidity in the air was harbingering a heavy rain in less than a minute. The people were busy in the spur-of-moment purchase as the following day would be Diwali. The bus stand in Nagercoil was thronged to the extent of suffocation and the buses were impregnated with passengers slinging on all possible niches of the buses.

My mind was looking for a cheap comfort of getting two seats in parallel so that I could sit alongside of my wife and daughter (she was 3 years old then). The minutes were merging into hours in this futile craving and a drop of rain on my nose signified that I have saved enough trouble for my small family for the following hours. We boarded a Chennai bus (travelling via Madurai) and to our expected dismay found two seats separated by a furlong.

I ended up sitting few seats in the front away from my wife and daughter. I was totally unhappy. The bus was hawked down with numerous vendors selling nuts, newspapers, water bottles and what not. I was not interested to buy anything as my simple wish was not fulfilled.

There was a moment when a boy, who himself was drenched in rain but cared to wrap the books in plastic cover, approached me. He was trying to sell me few books which I was not interested to buy. His book range was boasting some rhymes books, learn-Indian-languages-in-30 days, some kolam (rangoli) books, etc,.

"Anna! (brother in Tamil) please buy some books"

I was remaining silent and he started pestering me. I started pitying him and grabbed few rhymes books and kolam books and displaying from distance to my wife, who was sitting few seats at the rear. She was just turning her face away from me as she was at the verge of anger, as I was seeing her being questioned by an old lady seated besides her. I told that boy that I did not want to buy any books from him. He was not giving up.

"Anna atleast buy these kolam books for anni (he was mentioning about my wife)"

I just tried giving him few coins so that he would move away from me. He was totally annoyed with that and refused to accept the coins except for I buy some books. As the bus driver boarded the bus, the boy was forced to get down the bus; however I have managed to thrust two five rupees coins, which in haste he accepted.

After a while when the bus stopped in Virudhunagar (mid-stop for refreshments), we got down the bus. I could see one rhymes book grabbed carelessly by my daughter. My wife was mentioning that the boy left the book in to the arms of my daughter before getting down the bus.

Pic. Courtesy : Google Images

10 Observations:

Shilpa Garg said...

Wow!! What a 'Khuddar' boy!! Damn impressive! :)

jesu said...

very cute!

lostworld said...

You sure know how to tell a powerful story !! :-) Great as usual.

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

Something Peculiar about the way you write.. Makes me understand things as if it was happening under my eyes at that moment.

You are a special writer.. keep it up!!

Musings of a lonely traveler said...

@ Shilpa Garg
Yep he's! :)

@ Jes
Glad you liked it man :)

@ Rohita
Oh really! glad you liked it Rohita :)

@ Rajalakshmi
Lakshmi! your comment is inspiring. Do look out for more :)

onlooker said...

That was real touching! Instils hope in basic goodness, which still resides in a few hearts!

Felt like reading a short story in vikatan! :) keep writing, the fan following is sure to inspire you and am sure you are well on your way to becoming a prolific writer!

Musings of a lonely traveler said...

Hi V!
Do you think so?? Many thanks for visiting my blog after such a long time.....:)

pra said...

Nice one! we can see these type of unselfish and proud behavior very rarely!

Musings of a lonely traveler said...


So sad but true :(

Anonymous said...

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