Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Around the World in 80 Trades

I have recently finished reading this book, Around the world in 80 trades written by Conor Woodman. There are three reasons that stimulated me to pick this book up :

1. Trading in the time of recession (how ironic, it sounds).
2. The book is a memoir (memoirs is always a sneak-peek of life values through windows of others' life).

3. Book title is the perfect homonymn of Verne's famous novel. Being a ardent fan of Verne, I was just curious to know whether any injustice imparted onto the title

Conor had been easy on words without sounding too British. Sometimes a good message is spoilt by the decoration of words (I would quote Relin's adult version of "Three Cups of Tea"). The author travels across the globe to practice the traditional system of internation trade. Here I list down the few snippets, I came to understand after finished reading this book.

- In Morocco, every carpet is woven over a story

- Chillies can thwart elephants too

- Chinese like everything in red right from Communism to Wine

- Everything goes with Mexicans either Surf Boards or Tortillas

- It is difficult to trade Camels in deserts; selling ice to Eskimos

- Selling Coffee beans is as tedious as selling Nuclear Weapons

- In Japan, every fish has its day on Sushi plate.

Liked this book....

2 Observations:

onlooker said...

:) a great start!! will be looking forward to more of it!

Musings of a lonely traveller said...

Hi Onlooker! Surprise that you found me! (Wide Smile, on my face). Plans for steady blogging.

Thanks for stopping by...:)

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